Ares Hercules Aeneas Grimaldi Renaud Galois, Duke of Northumbria later known as King Ares IV Ares is the son of Charlotte Grimaldi Galois and her husband Pierre Tocqueville, his older sister is Larunda. Ares is the father of Ishan, Henri Sr., Pollyanna, Lucretia, twins Enrico, and Eugenia, Michelangela, Vissarion, Gaia, Danaë and the adopted father to Xerxes.

During the Campaign of the Circle, his daughters Eugenia, Michelangela, and Gaia and his sons Enrico and Vissarion died during an explosion at Fort. Sebastian. Gaia was the jewel of his eyes and was particularly heartbroken by her death as it cause a depression that hasn't left him in many years until the birth of great-granddaughter Luna was born he didn't smile.