Eta Sabik Aludra Martel-Black née Grimaldi Galois Eta is the illegitimate daughter between Bellona Martel and Orion Black, her older brother is Ophiuchus and her younger brother is Draco. Eta is also the half-sister to Caelum, Eltanin, Andromeda, Phinehas, Gorgophone, twins Cynosura, and Sirius and Regulus from her father's Orion marriage to Whilemina.

Eta from her marriage to Henri Grimaldi Galois Sr. have Henri Jr., Jonathan, Mary, Sebastian, Edith, Phillipe, Sybil, Adelaide and Finn. She later left him and took his spot as Dowagar Queen of Genosa with her parents-in-law Ares Grimaldi Galois and Rhea Flemmings. She also has a longtime lover named Stella Madison, whom after her son Sebastian was chosen as king and she stepped down she and Stella finally married and became the first married couple.