Pollyanna "Polly" Angerona Bona Dea Grimaldi Renaud Galois née Gray Polly is the eldest daughter of Ares Grimaldi Galois and Rhea Flemmings née Grimaldi Galois and is the older sister to Lucretia, twins Enrico, and EugeniaMichelangelaVissarionGaiaDanaë and the adopted older sister to Xerxes. She is also the younger sister to Ishan and Henri Sr., during the Campaign of the Circle, her sisters Eugenia, Michelangela, and Gaia and her brothers Enrico and Vissarion died during an explosion at Fort. Sebastian.

Polly is the mother is Maddox and Annabelle with her currently deceased husband whom was a river gypsy Jinoquio Gray and had two children together named Maddox and Annabella. She is also the grandmother to Maddox's children named Layla, Freya, and Jaymes with his wife Nefertiti "Mickey" El Amrani.