Sybil Cora Esther Galois née Lavigne Sybil is the daughter of Henri Galois Sr. and Eta Sabik Martel-Black, her older siblings are Henri Jr., Jonathon, Mary, Sebastian, Edith, and Phillipe and the older sister to Adelaide and Finn.

Sybil married Tristan Lavigne and is the mother to there only daughter Sybil who was named after her. She died during childbirth because of eclampsia which caused her to die.

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Sybil was very beautiful, her beauty rivalling that of her elder sisters Mary. Sybil shared a few physical traits with Mary, one being their lovely dark hair, and shaped eyebrows. Sybil had pale pink full lips, silver blue eyes and a voluptuous figure that was similar to her sister Edith.

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Sybil was described by Aunt Lucretia as "the sweetest spirit in this world." Sweet tempered, caring, and politically ambitious, Sybil was liked by everyone, despite her differences in beliefs and interests. She did not believe in social expectations and treated other no matter there class or blood status as her equals. Sybil was very compassionate, helping the a girl named Gwen with her dream to become a secretary. Sybil always treated others with kindness and respect, even when she was not obligated to do so.

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Healing: User can restore biotic organisms to their optimal health, curing damaged or withered organisms, wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and diseases/poisoning. Though the user may potentially heal any form of bodily damage, the patient must be alive, even if hanging by a thin thread, in order to be healed; once the patient has died, it would transcend healing and would require resurrection instead.

  • Food Healing: to heal others using food.
  • Healing Aura: to heal others with one's aura.
  • Healing Ball Projection: to heal via balls of healing energy.
  • Healing Beam Emission: to heal via beams of healing energy.
  • Healing Energy Manipulation: to manipulate healing energy.
  • Healing Wave Emission: to heal by releasing waves of healing energies.
  • Health Optimization: to sense and assess a person's health and then heal any problems the user finds.
  • Solar Healing: to heal by using solar elements.
  • Soul Healing: to heal damage done to the soul.
  • Spiritual Healing: to heal through spiritual energy.

Zoolingualism: The user is able to understand the speech or emotions of animal life forms. This ability is quite uncommon and multifaceted. Some variations are magic-based while others are natural talents or mental powers, similar to Telepathy (but limited to animals). The use of Zoolingualism is sometimes imagined as imitating animal sounds, like the barking of a dog. Zoolinguists are normally shown using their abilities in their native language, in an animal-language (like Parseltongue or Mangani), or even mentally without any spoken words.

Some users are able to understand animals in every imaginable way, which results in enormous knowledge and foreseeability of their actions.

Abjuration: The users can cast spells which can grant protection of various kinds, prevent other beings from entering an area, force armor, purification and force fields. Sybil is particular strong in this type of magic and often uses it to protect those she loves.

  • Defense Powers: The user can release/use energy/matter (whether organic, inorganic, objects, etc.) to defenses of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of standard defense, etc.
    • Enchanted Armor: The user of this power can create a suit of armor with enchanted magical properties and with their own special abilities, they can even be used to resist certain attacks because of the magical aura that surrounds the suits. The user can even utilize magical spells from their armor for attack or defensive purposes in any way, shape, or form.
    • Force-Field Generation: User can create a shield, wall, or a field to protect themselves, with varying appearances and materials. The fields can be formed from energy, elements, shaped from the environment, or formed by manipulating smaller items to form a greater whole. Force-fields aren't usually impenetrable and can be removed by energy drain or extreme force. Some users are also able to throw shields away from themselves or to catch things with them, while other users may be able to create them into any shape.
      • Create Force-fields for protection from physical attacks and/or energy attacks.
        • Create selective force-fields to prevent specific things from leaving/entering.
        • Create an area for breathing where doing so can be dangerous, allowing navigation through toxic gas or vacuum.
      • Create a force-field inside an object or person, and expand the force-field so that the object or person explodes.
    • Force Armor Generation: The user can form armor around their body or a shape it from force for protection and physical boost. With training, the user could shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs of the element.
    • Wall Generation: User can create walls from nothing or by shaping the existing matter or energy, they can shape the wall to any shape they want, but afterwards the walls are unchanging and immobile. Depending on what the wall is made of, it can posses a variety of abilities and be very effective in both offensive and defensive combat.
  • Support Powers: The user can temporarily enhance a variety of a targets performance such as speed, strength, durability, accuracy, powers, intelligence, etc. This power can also protect the target against any and/or all ailments that hinders them as well as accelerate their bodies healing process to gain a regenerative healing factor. The user can even apply more than one/all enhancements at the same time. The user can also cause hindrance to the enemy in both powers, physical and spiritual nature.

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