Wallis-Marie Diana Frances Richardson, Marquess of Queensberry Wallis-Marie was the longtime off and on again girlfriend of Prince Sebastian Grimaldi Galois and his later first wife to three of his children Paris, Galadriel, and William. Wallis was also the catalyst to Sebastian and Ríoghnach failed original relationship and caused Río to be a single mother to the triplets.

Wallis is royalty, due to the fact that she is heiress to a diamond cartel and the heir to the Marquis of Queensbery. After breaking up with Sebastian and disappearing 10 months ago she suddenly comes back into his life determined to win Bash's heart back from her new rival Río Descoteaux. Originally Eta Sabik favors Wallis more, as she believes that she is more fit for Bash and often intrudes on Bash's life by bringing Wallis back into the picture.

Personality Edit

Wallis is not ashamed of anything, she is intelligent, manipulative, cunning and never misses a beat. Wallis has described herself to be a "hostile bitch". Wallis will stop at nothing to get Bash back and says that she is literally willing to fight any girl who gets in the way of them being together. She is similar to Eta was at her age.