William "Liam" Jayceon Maverick Zachariah Grimaldi Renaud Galois William is the youngest son and youngest child between Sebastian Grimaldi Galois and Wallis-Marie Richardson, his older siblings are Paris and Galadriel.

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Invisible Flame Manipulation: User can create, shape and manipulate invisible flames of extremely high intensity.

  • Burning: The user can burn almost anything, they can heat up parts of objects or the bodies, and the whole object itself leaving only a pile of ashes.
    • Ultimate Burning: The user can burn anything, even if they are normally non-flammable, incorporeal or even conceptual entities, such as time. They can raise the temperature to absolute levels, generating scientifically unexplainable levels of particle energies; due to burning at such otherwise impossible levels, complete annihilation of object at subatomic levels occur.
  • Combustion Inducement: Users can increase the kinetic of atoms and molecules causing them to ignite. This process creates heat and light, that user can use.
  • Disintegration: Users cause targets (whether organic or inorganic material) to lose cohesion in various means. Some can make matter fall apart, wipe away their target on a molecular/sub-molecular level or even revert matter into pure energy. Regardless of the means, the target is reduced to either molecular/sub-molecular dust or energy but not absolutely annihilated.
    • Death Inducement by disintegrating a life-form.
    • Destruction by disintegrating an inanimate object.
  • Incineration: The user can utilize high temperatures to incinerate almost anything, reducing it to ashes. High-level users can control what part of the target they want to incinerate, and destroy the target so completely that absolutely no byproduct is left, not even ashes.
  • Melting: User can liquefy objects/organisms by causing the molecules merge together and thus lose total physical cohesion. Viscosity depends on the object being liquified, if it has a high water content then the object could become completely water like liquid. If the object is rock like or inorganic, then it will become a thick and mud-like liquid, while metal would become like mercury.